Abdul Ahad

a pawn against the whole world



I am Abdul Ahad & thanks for showing interest to learn more about me.

I am a student & currently pursuing Computer Science & Engineering(CSE). Studying at City University, Bangladesh. As I was interested in computers since my childhood, I chose Computer Science as my profession.

My whole journey to technology began when I made my first website at After opening the website, I realized that I must have some knowledge about web technology so that I can make things the way I like.

Then I started learning web stuffs such HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. As I was learning, I realized that I should help others who also want to know how to make websites. With that in mind, I created which does that. Now I write articles, make videos about computer programming and technology.

Suddenly, small mobile devices started to gain more popularity & I found it interesting too. I wanted to give it a try. What would be more appealing to choose Android than any other platforms ?

I made my university two android apps. One for their prospectus & one prototype. I even wrote another app named Mass Manager that helps you manage your mass. Look at Work page to learn more. Currently working on another app that is coming soon.

Besides all these programming things, I do enjoy doing a lot of awful things! Recently, I enjoy playing chess & playing guitar. For chess, here is my profile at Challenge AhadXFighter

Still have something unknown ? Contact me!

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